"I can go the distance," said Herc.

"I can go the distance," said Herc.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Story Behind Keep Calm and Carry On

I love this! Please share with all your friends. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Having A Hairy Self Confidence

Today, I got out of the shower and started getting ready when I thought of maybe straightening my hair. This may seem like a normal, simple endeavor to many of you, but if you have hair like mine, it takes at least 40 minutes with a flat iron and copious amounts of Dove Heat Therapy. It got me thinking about why I even straighten my hair, and how far I've come from wishing I could do it everyday to thinking about it maybe once every two months. I like my hair. In fact, it defines me. Here's why:

Growing up, I was always self conscious about my looks, but most especially my hair.

Now, most people probably don't think hair is what makes or breaks you, but I do. You see, I have curly hair that, when not tamed, can get pretty frizzy. And believe me, if you ever acquire the name Frizzy Lizzy you'll never forget how much your hair affects how other people look at and even treat you.

Like many little kids, I settled for the same haircut as my mom until I was about nine years old. Not that a chin length bob with bangs is bad, but it certainly didn't fit in at a time when straight hair and Full House bangs were all the rage. My hair would not do Full House bangs. I fiddled with curlers and curling irons a little to at least try to look mainstream, but please- my hair has its standards. Curly hair rebels and refuses to be twisted and tamed in ways that are unnatural. I was always looking at other girls and wishing I could have hair like them, never seeing myself and the potential I had. If I had to have curly hair, then why won't my hair curl in big, perfectly round loops that were shiny and ordered?

Now, a contributing factor to my frizziness was that I could not use hairspray, moose, or any scented gels because of my mom. My mother has the nose of a blood hound that can pick up anything scented from a mile away and because of this, she suffers from migraines a lot. I can't blame her for having this problem, but it was definitely hard to find product for my hair growing up that didn't cause my mom to throw me in the shower because I "stink". In fact, my sister (who blessedly does not have curly hair) and I gave up on finding hair product until our brother found an unscented aloe vera gel at the store one day when I was about 13.

However, I didn't know what to do with it at first because I had gotten used to putting my hair in a pony tail or pig tails for the last 13 years. My hair had a permanent pony tail bump around the middle because that's what I did everyday. Also, I was terribly shy about my appearance. This was the time when stick straight hair like from the 70s was all the rage, and bangs were so passe. I kept comparing myself to other girls, too. I remember this girl who rode my bus I so wanted to be like. She had long, nut brown, stick straight hair she flipped around as she flirted with the boys on the ride home. I remember nervously flattening my hair in the bathroom with water everyday of junior high between classes because little frizzies would fly up, giving me a mad scientist appearance.

And then I made a friend in my German class who had a huge influence on the way I viewed my hair.

I never see her anymore- I don't even think we're friends on Facebook. But, I remember going to camp one summer and asking her how she did it. How does she keep her naturally ringleted hair so neat? She showed me how she uses hairspray to sprunch her curls. Laugh all you want, but I was amazed. No one had ever shown me how to work my hair like that. Instead of trying to minimize the effect of what her naturally curly hair did, she accentuated it. After this, I began experimenting with ways to use the aloe vera gel, which was not quite as strong as some gels yet still workable, to accentuate my curls. I was done hiding them.

As I grew to love my hair for what it was and not despite of what it looks like, I began to notice other people around me who have curly hair. When you concentrate so much on something you hate about yourself, you forget that a lot of other people have that same trait, too. I have a good number of curly-haired friends, and it's a delight to see what they do with their curls. Every curly haired person is different. Some friends have tight ringlets they can put up in a bun and leave cascading down their face, while others (guys) settle for an Afro- even if they aren't African American. And it all looks good.

All this time growing up, I thought my hair was ugly. I hated it because I did not know how to make it look good. I was always finding ways to hide something that was a big part of who I am.

I suppose that is the message of this rambling blog about my hair. Don't be ashamed of what makes you unique- even if it is not in the social mainstream. In the last few years, curly hair has made a comeback, and now it's amusing to watch other people try to emulate what comes naturally to my part of the population. My confidence levels when through the roof when I accepted my curly hair, because I felt better about myself for being unique.

So that's the message. Be unique, and love yourself for it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh, the Irony of iTunes

I'm back, back in town... and everything has changed. I feel, feel let down. The faces stay the same. I see, see shadows of who we used to be. When I drive, drive so slow through this memory.

Where's my guitar when I need it? I just need to hit the strings really loud and dramatically right now. We all have those moments, right?

Two weeks away feels like the whole world should have changed, but I'm home now and things still look the same. I think I'll leave it till tomorrow to unpack, try to forget for one more night that I'm back in my flat.

Ha. You type one word in your iTunes and get a handful of songs that fit the situation perfectly.

How do I describe my feelings right now? Sometimes you just can't without getting overly angsty. In this case, I'll just sit back and let the music do the talking.