"I can go the distance," said Herc.

"I can go the distance," said Herc.

Friday, December 30, 2011

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

I found this video on Facebook and had to share:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Help

Angst, angst, angst.

I guess a lot of it comes from sitting at the kitchen table, alone, in my apartment for the last three hours. I'm doing the alone at Christmas break thing again, only I haven't gone crazy yet. I guess it's because I have the anticipation of going to work in a few hours. Pretty much half the things I had down to accomplish today haven't happened yet: clean, write, draw, and play guitar with my super long nails that are bound to break soon. Truly, I was going to do these things. But, I had something more important to do.

I finished reading The Help.

"This could be one of the most important
pieces of fiction since 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
...If you read only one book... let this be it."
And holy cow, if you've been living under a rock for the last year then you need to pull your head out and stare at the sun, because it's about the same shade of yellow as the cover of that book. Out here in Utah, hardly anyone thinks about segregation between black and white people anymore because it's not a huge issue. At least, from what I've seen. Down in the South, however, I've heard it's still prevalent, and that makes me sad. I wish people here would talk about it more, though. Growing up we always colored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s picture in school the Friday before the third Monday in January, when us kids rejoiced because we got school off. I hardly think more than a handful of people in my hometown really took the time to sit down and think about why the day is so important. In fact, I didn't even know the third Monday of January was officially named Civil Rights Day until I took AP US History in high school. I remember thinking it made sense at the time I learned that, but knowing made little difference.

Now before I go give myself a bad rep for implying I never cared about civil rights growing up, I will say that is not true. I was taught the importance of civil rights to our nation's history in school. I cared then, and care even more as I mature. But, as we all know, the biggest problems now are de facto. That is primarily what The Help concentrates on, and is why everyone needs to read it. You will stop and think, and wonder, where you fall on this spectrum. And I'm not talking about just black vs. white anymore, but all races, cultures, and lifestyles. If you can get past that, you'll have no trouble enjoying the other elements of the book. It's hilarious, tear jerking, clever, straight laced, and so full of Southern voice that I feel like I've picked up a Mississippi accent. Also, I have never read a more satisfying conclusion.

I will always count The Help as one of my most favorite book/movies. I saw the movie in September, and now that I've read the book I can see where they changed a number of things, but they did it tastefully and held to the flavor of the novel.

So, this winter break, as you settle back and digest a wonderful meal and snack on too many sweets, I recommend you pick up a copy of The Help. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Only six more days! Ah!!!


That is just about the measure of my psyche right now: stressed and mushy. Sometimes I'm so sick of writing that I just want to lay my head on the ground and pound it to the beat of David Bowie and Queen's "Pressure." This video is from a great movie called "It's Kind of a Funny Story." Now that I think about it, I wish I could do what the main character does: check myself into a psych ward for a little R&R because I'm so stressed out. Anyhow, the video is of them doing the song "Under Pressure." Same musical talents, just different people I hope you like it.

Not that I really need to go to a psych ward, but the idea of going to a place where they make you sit and not be freaked out sounds pretty appealing.

So now I'm sitting here, in the Hub, watching this cute guy across the table from me do his math homework (He claims he loves to do it.). I was hoping he wouldn't ask what I'm doing (He did), because at the moment it's supposed to be homework of some sort. But, I needed to just relax and do something not school-related. The solution? Blogging. It may not be homework, but hey at least I am WRITING.

I have this great idea for a post that I can't wait to write. Sadly, I don't think I'll get around to it until after finals. It's about shoes. That's all I'll give ya, but be ready!

Ah... I feel so much better now. Definitely less stressed. Of course, there's still the four pages of writing and six pages of scanning images for that research paper due Friday... and my final draft of my article to do... but for now I think I just need to sit back and think of happier things. Like, after finals week. Which ends next Wednesday for me. Yay!

...Well I wrote all that Tuesday night. Now, it's after midnight, and I'm in the library trying to finish my research paper on the Gothic Revival. I just want to lay my head down on the table and bang it. One. More. Page. One. More. Page.


One more page. I can do this. On a side note, Pinterest is hilarious.