"I can go the distance," said Herc.

"I can go the distance," said Herc.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

On Fashion and Head Sweaters

I love studying the fashion trends at USU from year to year. It seems that no matter how much we try to distinguish ourselves as individuals, we always look like someone else. Take the boho movement, for instance. It came out several years ago as unique, fun, carefree and somehow trendy, when the low-radar small shops hidden by the shadow of Macey's and Nordstrom were already heartily promoting it. Go to any craft fair and you would have seen tents run by washed out hippies selling tie-dye and braided hemp necklaces.

This year there is a clone army of really cute, nice girls who think they are different from everyone else--bless their hearts. They all wear their hair down and wavy, have dark (preferably black) trench coats that go to a little lower than mid-waist, several layered tops, a scarf peaking out, skinny jeans or a skirt, some leg warmers or long socks that poke out just higher than the mid-calf boots to complete the ensemble. Often they sport a side bag instead of a backpack. I just saw like, 5 walk by me as I just wrote all this in the library.

I'm not saying these fashions are not cute, or that I wouldn't wear them. Several of these girls are actually good friends of mine. I am simply pointing out that we're kidding ourselves if we think we stick it to the man when it comes to style.

And another thought on style--a girl (most likely a business major from the sound of it) wrote to the Statesman the other day trashing, of all things, the wide knitted headbands girls wear (they think that just because they bought it from a friend's mom who has a new business that it's unique, too). She called them, to my high amusement, "head sweaters." Yeah, I think think they're weird and definitely not unique, but these girls like them and they complete their outfits, so who cares? Apparently she does. At first I thought she was joking when she started in on the head sweaters, but she went even further to use it as an example of what sloppy dressers college students are. (See why I think she's a business major?)

HELLO, obviously you've never spent eight hours in a library writing a paper, or if you did you enjoyed doing it whilst wearing slacks and an ironed dress shirt. And don't even try to convince me those shiny black heels are the most comfortable things to wear when you're slogging through snow across campus from the Fine Arts building to Old Main in under ten minutes.

Heads up, girl. We're college students. Yes, we are transitioning to professionals, but we are also stuck in classes all day and then studying our brains out to pass these classes late into the night. I don't think everyone has the time or need to look like they're about to go broker a business deal with representatives of Honda. When the time comes, most of us manage to rise to the challenge and dress up for a job interview. If we don't figure it out, we miss the job and it's a learning experience instead. And then, we go home and change back into those sloppy sweatpants you despise so much.

On another thought, I'm considering buying some nice, mid-calf boots. They'll go great with my trench coat.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Procrastination is a Pretty Standard Thing

Dear Blog, I have missed you.

I am ashamed to admit that I have not written in this blog in over a month! For shame. I had a whole bunch of goals for this year, and blogging more frequently was one of them.

Now listening to: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

I learned a sad and unexpected side affect of procrastinating today. You see, I am now working on an article about geocaching to submit to Cache Valley Magazine, and the first draft is due
today. However, most of my sources have not gotten back to me yet. Luckily, I have one late assignment I can do, so I'm taking that for this one. I plan to write most of it this weekend. For some reason I thought I still had an assignment due in class today, so like any typical journalism student I sat around putting off doing it until the last minute (we have deadlines for a reason. Don't think journalists don't use them, because we do.)

Now listening: Houdini by Foster the People. I think I like their style.

So I spent a whole glorious morning doing meaningless things with the full intention of getting around to doing my assignment and then finally sat down with an hour left before class, only to find it's not something I can do until I turn my article in late next week, anyway. Now I'm left thinking of all the things I could have done (go to the grocery store and then rotate my tires). Dangit.

Now listening: Don't Stop by Foster the People.

Luckily, I've got my blog.

I'm chilling here on the third floor of the library. Have you ever examined the books at a university library? They are so cool! Seriously. I always thought nothing would top a bookstore full of novels, but when you find books all about the cultural impact of shrooms on society, and the graphic novel for V for Vendetta, and then a translated copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, you start to appreciate academia.

Now listening: I Would Do Anything for You by Foster the People.

Everyone says a huge winter storm is coming this way tomorrow. From Wunderground's forecast, it looks like we'll get a little snow. There's a 60% chance of it in the evening.
I doubt this'll be anything huge, though. This is Utah. At least, I hope not, because I have not gotten my tires rotated yet, and the all-weather ones are on the back still.

Back to listening to Pumped Up Kicks. I love this song; it's so chill.

What are the photos you've been looking at? Well, this is the results of a photo shoot I did with my cousins a little over a week ago. These two girls are some of my favorite people in the world. We lived with each other my first semester of college, and though we were the three silliest girls in the ever (enough to rival Kitty and Lydia in Pride and Prejudice), we didn't care because we were having so much fun.

Well, I guess I'll sit and Facebook stalk, or maybe wander the rows of bookshelves in search of something weird to read until class starts.
Catch ya'll later!

Oh, and other than "Pumped Up Kicks," my favorite Foster the Kids song is "Houdini." "Sometimes I wanna disappear..."

Ninja vanish!