"I can go the distance," said Herc.

"I can go the distance," said Herc.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I have a thing for paths and woods lately.

(Photo from Google Images)
Running through the woods down a path I can't see,
If I keep on running the past won't catch up with me.
Until finally I've stopped and I'm out of breath,
And the possibilities before me scare me to death.
The path has split--there's a big tree in the way,
The view down one path leaves me nothing to say.
The other is crooked, long, and has no end in sight,
Not knowing what to do--I sit and stare all night.
The sun comes up and I'm poised to run,
Dawn's light seeps through the trees and the day has begun.
Each path beckons with an unearthly whine,
Poised, I stay on that junction to wait for a sign.
Something must come and tell me the way,
Something has to--I wait all day.
Until finally mountain cold seeps through my skin,
I know if I do nothing I'll wait all night again.
So instead I grab a woodman's tool and swing at the tree,
The way in front is now clear to me.
Trudging through the brush I injure a foot,
Yet still I keep walking 'cause it's all I've got.
Between these paths I forge my own,
Refusing to choose, refusing to own.

-By: Me. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Homelessness, eh. It ain't so bad.

Fireworks August 6. We had the best of times!
I'll probably never think of the Numa Numa song the same
again, thanks to these people. We were cruising down the
road at 50 mph, jamming to music. They were bouncing so
hard it made the car rock back and forth.
The reason I have been so absent from this blog is not only all the fun times I have with my friends, all the time I spend blogging for work, and the time I spend going to visit my awesome family, but the fact that I am homeless right now.


On August 6 my apartment complex had everyone who isn't staying through the fall move out so they can have the apartments professionally cleaned. We later found out that not every apartment gets it, either. Just the ones that aren't cleaned thoroughly enough. I think they take waaaaay too much advantage of us poor college students. Not only do we have to pay a ridiculous amount in rent, but we have to clean the apartments good enough to pass a white glove inspection when we move out. All I can say is, I am NEVER living there again. The management was not very good.

But I digress. Sorry, I still have bitter issues with that place. My new apartment complex won't let me move in until the 26th. So... I am homeless for three weeks. It really isn't so bad because I have friends who get to stay in their places a lot longer than I could (And they paid less than I did, too. Go figure.). I am enjoying the couch hopping experience. I feel like a boy scout because my motto has been "Leave no trace" everywhere I go. This last week I lived on a steady diet of Kix, bread, and fast food. I even have the packing down to a science. All my clothes are in two 18-gallon Sterilite bins, my shower stuff has its own bag, and I roll up my blankets around my pillows every morning and stash them in a neat little corner of my friends' living room.

I know I've said this before, but I have the best of friends. So many people have offered to let me crash on their couch in the last few weeks. Thank you, guys!

Still, I cannot wait for the day when I can move into my apartment. I am counting the days.

This picture is kinda old. I went boating about three weeks ago and this is  the souvenir I got for not putting sunblock on fast enough.  
New Years resolution! Saturn Peaches.

Razzleberry pie. Yum.

Advice: Do NOT freeze your raspberries. And if you must, wash them first. Otherwise, you'll end up with mush when you try to wash them.

Still, Razzleberry Pie was calling to me, so I made it anyway. It turned out rather tasty, if I do say so myself.

The recipe I used was simple. Click here. 

I decided to put chopped apple in it, as well, since the frozen Marie Calendar version has apples and it is very good. Be sure to chop up the peeled apple really fine. I used a Fiji because tart is better when baking.

The top crust didn't want to really cooperate, especially since it was a deep dish. 

I worked hard to make it look pretty. I decided the bumpy look is in, and pressed the tip of my knife around the edge to give it the triangle/divet look. Then, I ran the blade around the edges to get the excess dough. Be sure before you are doing all this to press the top edges firmly on the bottom edges. No one likes a leaky crust.

I lightly brushed the top with some water (Just get a paper towl damp, you don't need a fancy basting brush.), and sprinkled sugar on the top. I wish I had added more sugar to the filling because it was very tart from the fresh raspberries.

When you bake, don't forget to cover the edges with strips of foil! 
And voila! A delicious Razzleberry Pie. Oh, how I love summer.

Very simple, very delicious.