"I can go the distance," said Herc.

"I can go the distance," said Herc.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Pirate Obsession

Some of you might know that I also run the Book Table's blog. Recently, I wrote a piece for it about my pirate obsession. You may view it here. Then read my review on the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie below. :)

Me, Scott, and Cassie in our pirate-y costumes.
We also wandered WalMart like this. It was great.
I went to the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides midnight premier last Thursday night (technically it was Friday, but I consider 12.01 AM to be part of Thursday.). And, as everyone has been asking, what did I think of it? Here is my review:

I enjoyed the movie, but it was my least favorite of the four. The storyline was lame. Very few twists. It felt like they presented the plot of what could be an amazing film and laid it out clear, and said, "Look what our amazing characters can do!" I expected more. The first half lacked the same POC flavor we have all come to love, and it did get better when they got to the mermaid lagoon. --I am now scared of mermaids, by the way.

Of course, Johnny Depp was hilarious in his reprised role of Jack Sparrow, but Geoffrey Rush's Captain Barbosa stole the show. I like how we delved a little into Jack's moral character, but he really should not be the only star. The show needed another storyline/star like Will and Elizabeth (from the first three) to complement Depp. There was possibility in the love story between a missionary and a mermaid that I feel like could have been explored further, because that fell flat as well.

One of the best lines was at the end. Look for that.

All in all, I give it a C+ for storytelling, and an A+ for cinematography, and a B for acting. It's worth seeing, just don't go with high expectations.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Spectacular Dive On Asphalt

Oh yeah. There it is, in all its beauty. In case you HAVEN'T heard the story already, here is my explanation of why I spent the latter half of last week limping around.

Being the young, hip, eco-friendly college student that I am, I decided to ride my new longboard across campus last Wednesday to turn my final final in at the Ray B. West building. The weather was beautiful, and warm, and sunny. A perfect day to ride my longboard.

I carried my lovely new board up the street and was crossing the Spectrum parking lot--on a hill--when I decided the gradient was not so bad that I couldn't ride to the stairs that would take me to campus and set me on level, safer ground.

I set off, feeling ever so cool and ever so wobbly on my new board that I really have not ridden that much since I got it because of all the horrendous Great Flood rain lately. Thinking I was doing fine, I pushed off even harder with my foot and sailed onward to the stairs. Then, I lost my balance! I'm not very good at balancing anyhow, and fearing I would fall off, I did the only reasonable thing--I jumped off. The only thing is, my board kept going! And without me on it, somehow it turned downhill and sped off across the parking lot toward 800 East. It was a busy day, and I could only imagine my new, shiny, expensive board getting crushed beneath some dude's truck tires.

With my adrenaline pumping, I chased my board down the parking lot. You'd think that with all the cars parked there that it would run into one of them, but somehow it kept to the middle and didn't hit anything. I threw my backpack at it to try and stop it, but it missed by inches. The board got faster and faster as it sped downhill to almost certain death, with me sprinting for all my life is worth after it. Finally, my last impulse was to dive.

The board came out of the ordeal unscathed. My left knee, however, was bloody and scraped and covered in asphalt. I slowly stood up, wincing as I gingerly tested my weight on the leg. Across the lot I noticed a guy who was carrying a laundry basket just staring at me. That was probably the weirdest thing he'd seen  in awhile.

I noticed blood starting to dribble down my leg, so I decided I'd better go find a Band-Aid. Luckily, I was near the Spectrum, and if a basketball arena doesn't have a first aid kit then heaven help all the fans and athletes when USU eventually loses.

With my knee bandaged and my backpack on again, I grabbed my board, carried it to the top of the stairs, got on, and rode it to the Ray B. West to turn in my final. Then I collapsed on the Quad in pain. I called my sister to tell her the story and she laughed at my misfortune. After basking in the warm sunlight and watching people play Frisbee, I rode my board home to tell the story to my roommates.

The End.