"I can go the distance," said Herc.

"I can go the distance," said Herc.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Solitary Life

It only took a day for me to realize a very important truth.

I never want to live by myself. 

I've always told my friends that just once in my life, some day, I would like to live by myself. Just to experience it. But this week my roommates all went home--well, that's not true. Three went home, but the other two have more important things to do than sit around the apartment all day. So, I'm basically doing what I always wanted: living alone. At first it was pretty sweet. I can turn up the music as loud as I want, stay up late without having to worry about bothering someone in my apartment, and everything stays super clean because it's just one person using all the dishes. 

And then the boredom set in. I made a delicious dinner, watched three movies in a row, and finally went to bed. Then I woke up and spent copious amounts of time getting ready for my day, even though I knew I would only be spending it at work. When my roommate finally showed up, I swear I literally leaped for joy just to hear another human voice in my apartment. 

I understand why single people get animals now. It would be nice to have more than a frog to live with, especially because the only thing the frog can do is just stare at me creepily while I eat my breakfast. For some reason, the tank is on the kitchen table. 

Now here I sit, on my couch, blasting the Beatles, waiting for my fudge to set in the fridge that I will clean tomorrow. Since it's my day off, I have the whole day in this apartment. Wooooot! 

If I happen to end up an old maid most of my life, I fully intend to become a mad cat woman who sits on the front porch with a shot gun, yelling at kids to get off my lawn. 

Either that or I'll save money and get a roommate. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Howl!

There are two types of Howl at USU. The first is the annual Halloween party held at the student center every year. It's pretty much a skank fest, but can be extremely fun if you go with the right people. The other is the annual Howl at the library during finals week. Every finals week, in the middle of the week at night, students gather in the middle of the library and howl. I guess it's a way to blow off stress. Tonight was my first howl ever. My roommate and I stood on the third floor and watched (I howled, she just stood there). And a half hour later, a silent dance party erupted on the main floor. People had their iPods in their ears and were dancing to the beat of their own drum, so to speak. It was awesome! Eventually, people formed a train and we all went up the stairs to the fourth floor. People were coming out of the elevators dancing. Oh the ways we think up to defeat stress.

I love college. Period.

Well I should sleep. I have an eight-page paper due tomorrow and it's only halfway through. Plus it sucks. C'est la vie. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Coffee Shop Romance

It was beautiful, it was brief--heck it only lasted about five minutes.

Those who know me have probably heard my standard rant about the romantics. In fact, I wrote a blog post about this. See, my theory is there are two sets of romantics in this world, and I like to count myself among the sane ones. But even though I am generally one of those rational types who enjoy chick flicks and day dreaming and DON'T expect Mr. Darcy to come galloping up on a white horse any time soon, there is the other part of me that says "WHY COULDN'T THAT BE POSSIBLE?" Add to that my rampant imagination, and you have just another hopeless romantic.

Today, I got out of class early, and since I'm living at the library this week, I swung by the Quadside Cafe, a brilliant invention built right in our own library on campus. An assortment of intellectual types populate this establishment at all hours of the day. I mostly enjoy going there to people watch, and eat the bagels. It's on a corner, right next to the front doors of the library, and the walls are glass, so I usually like to perch at the lunch counter and observe the comings and goings of my fellow Aggies.

Today the cafe was packed. The lunchtime rush was lounging around on almost every available seating surface. One of the things I really like about being at a university is that students and teachers can interact a lot more than in grade school. I used to wonder where the professors hang out, until I discovered the Quadside Cafe. I suppose it must be one of the few urban intellectual settings in Cache Valley, and since most of our professors are from out of state, the Cafe must be a bit like home.

Anyway, I ordered my customary small soup and 1/2 sandwich (It's pretty much the best lunch deal on the whole menu. Cafes are expensive!), and went to go get my soup and wait for the sandwich. As I dished out my soup, a young man approached the counter to pick up his bread bowl. Needless to say, he was pretty cute.

He asked me, "Is this the chicken and wild rice?"

I said, "Yes."

That was pretty much our entire conversation, but I knew there was magic from the moment our eyes met.

I squeezed onto a bench at a narrow table between a girl having a conversation on her Blackberry with what sounded like her mother, and two women talking about the stroke and subsequent brain surgery one of them underwent a few years ago. Stimulating lunch conversation.

My friend chose a table at the other end of the room. Occasionally my eyes would flick to his face, and I swear once he looked at me, too. What can I say, hopeless romantic.

I got up to get my sandwich. He stood. My heart pounded. Was he coming to say hi? Would this be the beginning of something? I sat quickly at my table, heart galloping like a herd of wild stallions. Surely... He walked closer. I was right, he was coming! I straightened my posture, flipped my hair over my shoulders, and smiled. Then he stopped at the garbage can, tossed his plate in, turned, and walked right out the door.

Sighing, I proceeded to eat my sandwich and people watch. As sudden as it began, the love affair ended. Ah, well, I consoled myself. He probably thought you were just another weird girl sitting by herself eating lunch in a coffee shop.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What have I been up to? Well.

No, I really don't have pink hair. I just love this picture so much.

Hm.... where to start. Well, it is Christmas season, and consequently I am asking myself why in the heck I work retail. Not that I don't love my job, because I do. I just wish I could disappear for the Christmas season and reappear when all the long lines, angry customers, and minor disasters are over. That sure would be nice!

If you see me around campus, you probably won't recognize me. That is the conclusion I came to last week. See, I wear this really hideous big brown coat that only old ladies really wear. I don't care, though, because it keeps me warm! But for some reason it just doesn't look attractive. Hm... So, I just slog through the snow and mush on campus, bundled up like the abominable snowman's niece who rolled in the mud. Last week I woke up to -10 degree weather, and there were still people in shorts outside. Welcome to Logan.

The blizzard that really wasn't!

At the midnight Harry Potter premiere, guess who I dressed up as? Guess! Okay, I'll tell you. Luna Lovegood. Oh yeah.

I have this thing about leaves and Fall colors.... now it is all covered in snow and the leaves are dead. Sad. :(

So that was the last month. Pretty much this week I intend on living in the library when I am not in school or working. If you're there, be sure to come say hello!